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Certification Requirements

In Canada we follow TRE® for All's Global Certification Requirements for training TRE® providers.

We also offer trainees:

  • opportunities to practice virtually and in person

  • focus on personal practice as the foundation to becoming a certified TRE® Provider

  • focus on embodiment of the learning not just the technical teachings

Course Requirements

Training length of time

Typically training takes 12 - 15 months and completion is based on your embodiment of the practice and technical understanding of TRE.

If you do not complete with in 18 months, you will be required to retake a module at 1/2 price.

If you do not complete within 24 months, you will be required to redo the entire program.


Regardless if you attend in person
or virtually, you will need access
to the following to be able to
complete program requirements:

  • laptop or computer or tablet

  • ability to record clear video with sound

You need to complete the following:

Module 1 (2.5 days) 

Post Module 1: 

  • Create a learning plan

  • 4 personal sessions

  • 4 peer to peer sessions

  • Reading and submitting 2 page book report on assigned books

  • watch 1 video


Module 2 (2.5 days)

Post Module 2: 

  • 4 individual sessions

  • 2 unsupervised individual sessions

  • watch 3 videos


Module 3 (2.5 days)

Post Module 3:

  • 4 group sessions 

  • 2 unsupervised group sessions

  • Reading and submitting 2 page book report on an assigned book

  • submission of 40 journal entries from through out the course


Final Certification: 

  • this is a final session where trainee demonstrate their TRE® knowledge through review of a recorded group session

  • Certification Trainer assesses trainee's ability to keep TRE® sessions safe, use appropriate interventions and modification, as well as, having an understanding of TRE® theory.

Total Cost of program: approximately $4600


  • total cost is approximate as some trainees may need extra supervision

  • cost does not include: travel expenses, accommodations, TFA registration fee ($35 USD), books and videos

Payment for program: each trainer accepts payment as trainees go through each step of the program. Pay as you go.

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